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29 June 2019 Saturday daily horoscope

Aries: (Chu, Choo ,Che, Chay ,Cho ,La, Lha ,Li, Lee, Lhi ,Lu, Loo, Lhu ,Le, Lay ,Lo ,A)

Today the blessings of a saint will give you spiritual peace. Today will be full of happiness because your partner will make every effort to make you happy. Any important decision can be finalized with the family. Today, a decision will prove to be very profitable.


Taurus: (I, Ee, Ei, Eh ,U, Oo ,Ae, Ai, E ,Oh, Ou ,Va, Ba ,Bee, Bi, Vee, Wee, Vi, Wi ,Vu, Voo, Wu, Bu, Boo, Woo ,Vey, Vay, Way, Wey, Be, Bay, Veh, Weh, Beh ,Vo, Wo, Bo)

Do not get entangled in old things today and try to relax as much as possible. Steaming today can spoil your health. Understand the feelings of your beloved on this day. When you have a spare time, negative thoughts cause you much trouble.


Gemini: (Ka, Ca ,Ki, Ke ,Ku, Cu, Koo, Coo ,Gha ,Yan ,Cha, Chh ,Kay, Kew ,Ko, co ,Ha)

Today, the pain of getting away from your beloved will continue to haunt you. Today you can easily collect money. People can get old loans back. Today, you can earn money to apply on a new project. There is a possibility of going to a mall or shopping complex with the family today.


Cancer: (Hi, He ,Hu, Hoo ,Hey, Hay ,Ho, Hau ,Da, Dha ,Di, Dee, Dhe ,Du, Doo, Dhu ,De, Day, Dha ,Do, Dho)

Today the pressure of work will be low and you will be able to enjoy spending time with the family. It is the perfect day to appreciate each other’s love after many ups and downs in marital life. You can feel refreshed by going to a good spa.


Leo: (Ma ,Mi, Mee ,Mu, Moo ,May, Me ,Mo, Mau ,Ta ,Ti, Tee ,Tu, Too ,Te, Tay)

You will be able to get energy and refreshment again despite the day-long running day. Friends will make your day happy by making a great plan for the evening. Today will be the arrival of money. The plan to go on a long journey will be made.


Virgo: (To, Tau ,Pa, Pha ,Pi, Pee, Phi ,Pu, Poo, Phu ,Sha ,Ana,   Ane, Na ,Th ,Pe, Pay, Pha ,Po, Pau, Pho)

Singing a song openly today, doing so will ease the tiredness and stress of your week. Today you will enjoy marital happiness. There will be financial improvements on the day’s climb. Today will be full of happiness because your partner will make every effort to make you happy.


Libra: (Ra, Rha ,Ri, Ree, Rhi ,Ru, Roo, Rhu ,Rey, Ray, Rhe ,Ro, Rau, Rho, Rhau ,Ta ,Tii, Tee, Thee, Thii ,Tu, Thu, Tho ,Te, The, Tay)

Today you will find comfort. Today, incomplete work will be completed. Today you will enjoy music. Any new work will be made. There may be some problem at home. A plan to go shopping in the evening. Today an old friend will meet.


Scorpio:  (To, Tho ,Na, Nau ,Ni, Nee ,Nu, Noo ,Ne, Nay ,No, Nau ,Ya ,Yi, Yee ,Yu, Yoo)

Any great new ideas will benefit you financially. Today you can come out of love in your life. Children will be worried today. Today the money will benefit from business. Today there is a need to look at the topics related to tax and insurance.


Sagittarius: (Ye ,Yo, Yho ,Bha ,Bhi, Bhee ,Bhu, Bhoo ,Dha ,Pha, Fa ,Dhaa, Dhha ,Bhe, Bhay)

Take time for your hobbies like music, dance and gardening too. This will make you feel satisfied. If there is a plan to go out, then it can be avoided at the last moment. Do not allow small things to become a problem for yourself today.


Capricorn: (Bho, Bhau ,Ja ,Ji, Jee, Jhi ,Khi, Khee ,Khu, Khoo ,Khey, Khay ,Kho, Khau ,Ga ,Gi, Gee, Ghee)

You were always on the right track and made good progress. Today you could feel good about the results. Today there is a need to look at the topics related to tax and insurance. Children’s future will be concerned.


Aquarius: (Gu, Goo, Ghu ,Gey, Gay, Ghe ,Go, Gau, Gho ,Sa, Sha ,Si, See, Shi, Shee ,Su, Soo, Shu, Shoo ,Say, Shaa ,So, Sho ,Da)

Today your mind will be open to get good things. Paused money will get money and economic conditions will improve. Today is a wonderful day from love and love. After a long time, you will be able to feel closer to your spouse.


Pisces: (Di, Dee ,Du, Doo ,Tha ,Jha, Ja ,Ana ,De, Day, De ,Do, Dau ,Cha ,Chi, Chee)

You will get relief from fatigue and tension that you feel for a long time. Any great new idea will give you financial benefits. The domestic work will be tiring and therefore can cause mental stress. Today, you can enjoy a picnic with your life partner.

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